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Speed Game

Speed Game is a popular card game, it combines speed, luck and coordination.
We collected few speed games for you to choose from, we hope you will enjoy our site.

About Speed Game

Speed game is a very popular card game, Speed playable by two players siting in front of each other. On the computer variations of the game, like the versions found on this site, the other player is simulated by artificial intelligence, so it is possible for a single player to play against the computer instead of playing against another human player.

Each player is dealt with five cards from the deck, the cards are facing up or down - depending on the variant played - in this site, some games implementing the first variant, and some implementing the second one..
Then, each player gets a 15 cards deck, positioned to the right of the 5 cards series.
These two decks of cards are facing down, so nobody can see them. In between the two players, there are two cards facing up, and the rest of the cards (10 cards) are to the left and right of these two cards, facing down in two decks of 5 cards.

The gameplay is quite simple, the goal of speed game is to get rid of all your cards as fast as possible, the first player that put down all his card, wins the game.
Each time, the players flip the two cards on the center of the table, then they should put one of their five cards on top of one of these two cards.
A player can put one of his five cards, if this card is one step higher or lower then the card on the center, for example, if there are two cards in the middle - 4 and 9 - the player can put 3 or 5 on top of the 4, or 8 or 10 on top of the 9, you don't have to play at all if you don't have appropriate cards.
Another variation of the game allows to use also cards with the same rank (e.g. 4 and 9 in the previous example) - but it depends on the rules you choose to play.
Once you placed one of your five cards on top of one of the center cards, you should take a new card from the 15 cards deck that's on your right, so you will always have 5 cards in front of you, unless, of course, if you already put down 15 cards from this deck.
Note, there are no turns, you should put all your suitable cards as fast as possible.

If the opponent managed to put his card in the middle before you did, you cannot put your card anymore, this is why the game is called speed, it is important to stress that the cards should be put one by one, it is not ok to put down more then one card together,
for example, the center card is 4, and you have 5,6 and 7 - you should put down 5,6,7 one by one, and not in one motion, then, your opponent might have enough time to react and put down one of his cards (if he's fast enough)

  • It is fine to put down a card with the same color.
  • You can use ace on top of both two and king.
  • Speed game can be played with or without jokers, depends on the game variant
If both players don't have any suitable cards to put in the middle, the two cards in the center are replaced by new cards from the replacement deck,.
If the replacement deck is empty, it's ok to shuffle the card which were already used, and use them again as a replacement deck.

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